Building Your eBay Empire

This site will give you the jump start you need to build your eBay Empire.  Rather than just giving you a list of things to sell on eBay, I will go more in depth and tell you where to find these items and tips on selling them and dealing with customers.

This guide will help the newcomer to eBay, as well as those who have been selling for a while.  When you are done on this site, you will have the answer to the most often asked questions regarding eBay:

“How do I find things to sell on eBay?”

The Beginning: How do I find things to sell on eBay?

Anyone who has ever thought of starting a home based business in the last 12 years has probably considered selling things on eBay.  EBay provides an unheard of resource of hungry buyers from all over the world, and delivers them right to your front porch.  Instant buyers – Pretty simple huh?

But… “I don’t know what to sell”

It can be daunting trying to find the right things to sell on eBay.  Most people start by emptying their garage – basically an online yard sale.  This is actually a very good place to start for someone new to eBay.  You get some experience selling on eBay, you get some feedback on your account, and you clear some space that you can use to support your future eBay empire.

Once you’ve sold everything that you have in your home, you can stick to the “Used Items” sales route and start to find other sources for those items.

The best selling categories of used items are:

  • Old Electronics
  • Old Clothes
  • Old Books
  • Collectables

The key is to know what you think you can sell an item for BEFORE you buy it.  It is very easy to get caught up in the moment and buy something for more than you can actually sell it for.  You should pick one or two categories and get to know them.  Watch eBay and see what sells and for what price.  Then go out and hunt for things to sell.

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